QLM Portal Licensing Terms

The QLM Portal is a web-based application sold as a subscription.

Each license of the QLM Portal entitles you to install a single copy of the QLM Portal on the same server where the QLM License Server is located.

The QLM Portal licensing is two-fold: the core license entitles you to install the QLM Portal and create a single user account that can use the QLM Portal.

To give other users access to the QLM Portal, you need to purchase a QLM Portal User License for each user that needs to log in to the portal.


Your company has 3 administrators (Tom, Jim, Kim) who need to manage license keys and 2 resellers (Bob, Sarah). Of the 3 administrators, only Tom needs the advanced features of the QLM Management Console. The other two administrators, Jim and Kim, need basic features such as creating licenses customers, etc. so they will use the QLM Portal to manage license keys.

You need to purchase:

1 x QLM Pro or Enterprise for Tom.

1 x QLM Portal license (includes 1 User License for Jim)

3 x QLM Portal User License for Kim, Bob, and Sarah.

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