How to reserve licenses for a list of users

A customer who has purchased multiple node-locked seats of your application may want to reserve some licenses for specific users.

To reserve licenses for specific users in an organization, an administrator (your customer's administrator) must pre-activate licenses for these users. To pre-activate licenses for specific users, the administrator must:

  • Determine the Computer ID of each user, depending on the selected licensing binding method.

  • Activate the license for that Computer ID

For example, assuming that you have configured the QlmLicense.LicenseBinding to ComputerName, the administrator would need to:

Once licenses are assigned, the Administrator could re-assign these licenses by deactivating a license for a specific user and activating it for another. Deactivating a license can be performed from the QlmCustomerSite (QLM Self Help) or the QLM Customer Portal

When allowing deactivations from the QLM Self-Help or the QLM Customer Portal, it is recommended that you implement:

This will ensure that a deactivated computer is not able to run your application once its license has been reassigned.

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