HTTP API examples


This article provides some typical examples of how to use the QLM HTTP API to:

  • Create license keys

  • Check if a license key exists

  • Renew the subscription of a license key

When using the QLM HTTP API, you must secure your calls with basic authentication (user/password). This is done by configuring an extension in the QLM Management Console / Manage Keys / 3rd Party extensions. If you're not using the HTTP API in the context of a specific e-commerce provider, we recommend using the QlmAuthenticationProvider extension.

For additional security, you can enable QLM Strict Authentication for each method as needed.


Create a license key

To create a license key, you must use the GetActivationKeyWithExpiryDate method.



Check if a license exists, given an order ID

To check if a license key exists, you must use the RetrieveActivationKeyHttp method.



Renew a subscription

To renew the subscription of a license key, you must use the RenewSubscriptionHttp method.



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