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How do I change the license binding to a different identifier?How to reserve licenses for a list of usersBloated License Server DatabaseWhy are enabled features not shown when I hover over an Activation Key?Loading different versions of QlmLicenseLib.dll from the same processDeactivation Verification Code for Offline DeactivationAvailable options for controlling the expiry date of a licenseGDPR Data Deletion RequestHow to test a connection to a SQL ServerSeeing activation notifications from the License Server?How to show the Generate Keys tabDifference between the License Expiry Date and the Maintenance Plan Expiry DateWhere are my products' definition stored?How to restore the default searches in the QLM Management ConsoleYou have exceeded the maximum number of activations allowed per system.How to configure the QLM Management Console Date format to match your SQL Server'sWhat is the difference between cloud-based and on-premise floating licenses?MaxDaysOfflineWhich QLM features are available on each platform?Which edition of QLM should I use?How to check which features are enabled in your QLM licenseProduct definition changes are not savedHow to create an Activation Key with Product PropertiesError: Configuration system failed to initializeHow to get an Organization ID from an Organization NameWhy does ReadKeys return the wrong keyHow to prevent reuse of deactivated keysHow to recover from a corrupted xml configuration fileHow to read Product Properties from a data setWhy does ReadKeys still return a key after calling DeleteKeys?How to delete a record for a specific ComputerIDHow to use Fiddler to diagnose connectivity issues with the QLM License ServerHow to fix the QLM Management Console opening off the screenSQL Conversion ErrorQLM Management Console and QLM License Server VersionsQLM client side requirementsError parsing results: Unexpected DTD declarationHow to limit the number of deactivationsHow to reinitialize the built-in Demo productsHow to allow multiple product versions on the same systemHow to check if features were updated on the serverRe-signing the xml settings file after modificationHow to activate a license programmatically from VC++How to prevent the QLM Management Console from overwriting local email templatesProperty path is incorrect for typeHow to bind a license to your own unique identifierHow to create a search to show licenses associated to a Reseller / User GroupThe number of allowed activation keys per client has now been exceededHow to bind a license to multiple identifiers, seriallyHow to determine the version of the License ServerAccess is denied message when validating a signatureQLM v11 GDPR SupportHow to create a QlmLicense object in VB6 or VBAError: Invalid column name 'xxx' in the QLM Management ConsoleQLM License Wizard cannot read a settings file when located on a mapped driveQLM Portal - Remember User Name / PasswordQLM on Non-Windows PlatformsDiagnosing network connectivity issues with the QLM License ServerHow to increase the number of activations per licenseHow to change the date format in the QLM Management ConsoleConfuserExTool to test network connectivityHow to prevent an Excel sheet from opening if macros are disabledCannot access a disposed objectLicense Wizard or Activation Form is displayed eventhough the license is activatedError when calling Analytics AddInstall methodHow to activate your trial or purchased license of Quick License ManagerWhen is the LastAccessedDate field updatedHow to cleanup an orphaned QLM installationQLM Demo License ServerHow to prevent a user from running multiple instances of your appCould not find product x.yHow to update the CommunicationEncryptionKey and AdminEncryptionKeyDistinguish between a trial and a subscriptionHow to get the activated computers for a given activation keyWhy is the license not stored (or deleted) at the machine level even if the user is an AdministratorHow to use late binding in Excel and AccessError 80131700, 8013101b, 80131515 when instantiating a QLM objectHow to get information about a license keyHow to create a product with STD and PRO editions as featuresHow does QLM protect an application hosted on a Virtual Machine (VM)?How to tighten binding to a virtual machineWhat happens to QLM license keys when a user upgrades to Windows 10Microsoft .NET Framework Client 4.0 could not be installed.Getting Started with Quick License Manager EnterpriseGetting Started with Quick License Manager ExpressGetting Started with Quick License Manager ProfessionalHow to extend a subscription in offline modeHandling computer ID with multibyte charactersPHP Sample to generate a license keyHow to get customer information for a license key?How I got the Sample QLM Delphi program working on my computerOffline activation of Cross Platform Apps with License FilesWhat is the syntax of is_featuresAll orders search does not show any recordsShould I use the .NET 4.0 or the .NET 2.0 DLLs?Which QLM DLLs do I need to distribute with my applicationTerminal Server SupportHow to get the QLM License Server Event LogWhich DLLs do you need to distribute with your C++ applicationQLM still shows Demo even after activating your purchased licenseRegistering the QLM Dlls for VB6, Office and non .NET appsStoreKeys optionsQLM PricingWhat Operating Systems does Quick License Manager support?Can a user back date their computer to run an trial version?StoreKeys and ReadKeysHow to ship an evaluation version of your softwareHow to configure QLM Pro to connect to your local License ServerHow can I use more than 32 features with QLM Pro?How to disable features in the web serviceHow to parse data returned by GetDataSet or GetDataSetExHow does QLM protect against users requesting additional activations because a computer diedWhat DLLs do you need to ship with your application?What version of QlmLicenseLib.dll should I use?How to revoke a license ?Protect calls to GetActivationKeyRegistration-Free Activation of QlmLicenseLib.dllHow to hide sensitive information from a third-party developerHow to update the ClientVersion / ApplicationVersion

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