Which QLM features are available on each platform?

QLM supports Windows and non-Windows platforms.

On Windows, QLM uses a .NET-based API to protect your application. We currently support .NET Framework, .NET Standard, and .NET Core. Note that the .NET-based API can be used from most programming languages such as VC++, C++ Builder, Office Apps, Delphi, etc.

On non-Windows platforms, QLM uses a combination of a REST API and a platform/language-specific client-side library (source code included) to protect your application. Some of the features available on Windows are not currently supported on non-Windows platforms. The section below lists some of these features (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • On-premise floating / concurrent licensing.

  • QLM License Wizard: the license wizard is a Windows executable that is only supported on Windows. A cross-platform version of the wizard is in progress. It will be based on .NET Core.

  • The Application API and Management API, which are .NET based, are not supported on non-Windows platforms. Instead, you can use the REST like API to communicate with the License Server for operations such as activating a license key, validating a license key, or deactivating a license key.

  • MaxDaysOffline: the ability to specify the maximum number of days a user can go without contacting the license server.

  • Predefined License Binding, i.e. only UserDefined license binding is supported.

In short, the operations that can be performed, out-of-the-box, from a non-Windows application are:

  • Activating a license key

  • Validating a license key

  • Deactivating a license key

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