Zapier - QLM Zapier App

The QLM Zapier App allows you to notify other Zapier Apps when a QLM order is created.

The following example uses the QLM Zapier App to send an email to the user when a license is created in QLM.

  • Login to your zapier account

  • Click Make a Zap

  • In Choose a Trigger App, locate and select "Quick License Manager"

  • Click Save + Continue

  • In the QLM License Server Url field, enter the URL to your QLM License Server. Example:

  • In the QLM License Server Url Arguments field, enter: &is_user=tom&is_pwd=xyz&is_period=15

The is_user, is_pwd arguments must match the values configured in the QLM Management Console / Manage Keys / eCommerce Providers

The is_period argument is a period in minutes that determines which keys to return. For example, a value of 15 tells the QLM License Server to return all the keys created in the last 15 minutes. The recommended value is 60.

  • Next, you will configure the Action step

  • In the Choose an Action App section, select Gmail

  • Select "Send Email" then click "Save + Continue"

  • Pick your Gmail account then click "Save + Continue"

  • In the To field, click the "Insert a field" dropdown and select "Email"

  • Fill all the other fields as per your requirements

  • Click Continue

  • Click "Create & Continue"

  • Name your Zap

To test your Zap:

  • Launch the QLM Management Console

  • Go to the Manage Keys tab and create an Activation Key

  • Make sure the Activation Key is associated to your email address (for testing purposes)

  • Wait 15 minutes and monitor your email

  • You should receive an email for each activation key you created

Note that this Zapier integration requires that you enable the GetRecentOrdersHttp API as follows:

  • Go to the Manage Keys tab

  • Click Sites and select your License Server

  • Go to the Server Properties tab

  • Go to the "security" section

  • Locate the "enableGetRecentOrders" entry and click the chexbox.

  • Click Ok

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