Product Bundles

If you have protected multiple products that will be installed on the same client computer, the Product Bundle feature allows you to present to your customers a single interface to manage the license keys of all these products.

QLM can consolidate these related products in a Product Bundle. A Product Bundle is therefore a collection of related products that are installed on a single system. Users can manage product bundles with the QLM License Wizard. Product Bundles are available in QLM Enterprise.

How to create a Product Bundle

  • Launch the QLM Management Console

  • Go to the Define Products tab

  • Click Create Bundle File

  • Select all the products that you would like to include in the bundle

  • Click Ok and save the bundle.xml file

How to use a Product Bundle

The QLM License Wizard for .NET 4.0 allows your customers to manage all the license keys associated to a Product Bundle.

To instruct the QLM License Wizard standalone EXE to manage a bundle, launch the QLMLicenseWizard.exe with the /bundle <filename> argument.

To instruct the QLM License Wizard .NET User Control to manage a bundle, set the QlmBundleFile property of the .NET User Control.

The QLM License Wizard displays all the currently registered licenses on the system.

To manage an existing license, select the license and click Manage License.

To add a license for a new product, click Add License.

To deactivate a license, select the license and click Deactivate License.

What files to deploy with your application

To support Product Bundles, you must deploy along side your application the bundle file generated above as well as the QLM settings file of each product included in the bundle. The settings file is the xml file generated by the Protect Your Application wizard in the QLM Management Console.

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