QLM License Wizard - Download Latest Version from a Cloud Drive

When using the Check for updates feature in the QLM License Wizard, the latest version URL can be a URL to a cloud drive.

QLM currently supports links to a file on Google Drive or OneDrive.

In order to access files on Google Drive or OneDrive, you must configure some authentication settings as described below.

Google Authentication

To configure Google Authentication, you must acquire a Google Client ID from the Google API Console

  • Click Credentials

  • Create a Project or pick an existing project

  • Click "Create Credentials" and select "Service Account"

  • Set the Application Type to "Desktop app"

  • Set the Name to "QLM License Wizard" or any name of your choice

  • Click "Create"

  • Take note of the generated Client ID and Secret

Then, in the QLM Management Console:

  • Go to Manage Keys / Sites

  • Go to the Server Properties tab

  • Locate the authentication/cloudDrive_googleClientID property and set its value

  • Locate the authentication/cloudDrive_googleSecrettID property and set its value

Azure Authentication

To configure Azure Authentication, you must acquire an Azure App Client ID from the Azure Portal.

  • Log in to your Azure Portal

  • Click App Registrations

  • Create New Registration

  • Set the Name to "QLM Cloud Drive" or any name of your choice

  • Set account types to: Accounts in any organizational directory (Any Azure AD directory - Multitenant) and personal Microsoft accounts (e.g. Skype, Xbox)

  • Do not configure the "Redirect URI"

  • Click Register

  • In the Overview tab, take note of the Application Client ID.

  • Click "Add a Redirect URI"

  • Click "Add a platform"

  • Select "Mobile and desktop applications"

  • Click Configure

Then, in the QLM Management Console:

  • Go to Manage Keys / Sites

  • Go to the Server Properties tab

  • Locate the authentication/cloudDrive_azureClientId property and set its value

To create a shared file for OneDrive:

  • Go to onedrive.com and login to your account

  • Select the file that you would like to share

  • Click the "Share" menu item

  • Click the > next to "Anyone with the link can edit"

  • Uncheck "Allow editing"

  • Click Apply

  • Copy the link to the clipboard

  • In the QLM Management Console, go to the Define Products tab

  • Select your product

  • Go to the Latest Version tab

  • Paste the link in the field "URL to the latest version"

  • Click Save

  • Go to the Manage Keys tab and select yes when prompted to upload the products to the License Server

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