How to update the ClientVersion / ApplicationVersion

How to update the ClientVersion / ApplicationVersion

The ClientVersion property on the server side stores the specific version of your application that the customer is running. The ClientVersion is typically set upon activation of the license by setting the ApplicationVersion property

To force the ClientVersion to be updated, you must trigger a reactivation of the license by calling ReactivateLicense.

string dataSet;
string response;
string clientVersion = "1.0.2";
ILicenseInfo li = lv.QlmLicenseObject.GetLicenseInfo(string.Empty, lv.ActivationKey, false, out dataSet, out response);

if (li.ClientVersion != clientVersion)
    lv.QlmLicenseObject.ApplicationVersion = clientVersion;
    lv.QlmLicenseObject.ReactivateLicense (string.Empty, lv.ActivationKey, Environment.MachineName, out response);

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