UltraCart - How to integrate QLM with UltraCart

Quick License Manager integrate with UltraCart's ordering system to generate activation codes automatically. To have UltraCart invoke QLM during an order, do the following: From within your UltraCart account:

From Item Management -> Items

  • Locate your Product and open the Item Editor for this product

  • In the Item Editor, select the Digital Delivery tab

  • In the Activation Codes section of the Digital Delivery tab:

  • Select Retrieve Real-time

  • Enter the following URL (change the 'yourserver' name to your own)



    • is_vendor = ultracart

    • is_productid = your product id as defined in QLM

    • is_majorversion = your product's major version as defined in QLM

    • is_minorversion = your product's minor version as defined in QLM

    • is_qlmversion = 5.0.00

    • is_features = semicolon separated list of feature sets and ther corresponding values. Example: is_features=0:3;1:0

  • Enter a value in the Shared Secret field. Remember this value as it needs to be set in QLM as well.

Next configure QLM to include the UltraCart provider as follows: From Manage Keys-> License Management tab

  • Select Tools -> eCommerce Providers

  • Locate the UltraCart item and enter the following values:

    • Enabled: [X]

    • Password: Shared Secret entered in UltraCart Activation Code section

Edit your QLM server's Web.config file and set the following setting:

<setting name="defaultVendor" serializeAs="String"> <value>UltraCart</value> </setting>

With the above steps completed, place a test order. When the order is placed, the following will occur:

  • A new user will be automatically added to the QLM database based on the information collected during the ordering process.

  • An activation key will be created in the QLM database and associated to the user.

To configure a test payment method:

  • Click CONFIGURATION / Checkout

  • Click Payments

  • Check "Credit Cards"

  • Click Save

  • In the Methods panel, click "Credit Card"

  • In the "Test Credit Cards" section, edit the first credit card by clicking "edit"

  • Check "Skip payment gateway, consider payment processed, then complete order to prevent shipment."

  • Check "Skip affiliate transaction processing"

  • Check " Skip fraud filter"

  • Check " Skip conversion pixels"

  • Click Save

To place a test order:

  • Go to OPERATIONS / Order Management

  • Click "Manually enter an order"

  • Fill in all the contact information

  • In the "Items" section, enter your product in the Item ID field, set the quantity to 1 then click Add.

  • Click "Credit Card"

  • Enter: 4444333322221111 (if you modified the default credit card #, enter the value you specified)

  • Set the Expiration Date to a date in the future

  • Set the Verification Number to: 123

  • Check "No real-time change"

  • Check "Skip Processing"

  • Check "Skip Fraud Score"

  • Click Process Order.

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