Creates a deactivation verification code.

string CreateDeactivationCode(string activationKey, string computerID, 
                              ELicenseBinding licenseBinding)


NameData TypeDescription



the activation key to be deactivated



the computerID of the computer being deactivated. This value can be empty if the LicenseBinding argument is set to a specific value.


the license binding value. The computerID will be calculated based on the license binding value. This parameter is not required if computerID is specified.




the deactivation verification code


A deactivation verification code is used to confirm that a user has indeed deactivated his/her license from a computer that is offline. If you are using your own user interface for activation/deactivation, you can use this function to generate a deactivation verification code. After the user deactivates his/her license, you need to display the code to the user and ask the user to send you that code.

You can then use the Deactivation code in 3 different contexts:

  • When deactivating a key from the QLM Management Console / Manage Keys / Deactivate

  • When deactivating a key from the QLM Portal / Release

  • When deactivating a key from the QLM Self Help. To enable the DVC in the QLM Self Help, you must set the Server Property customerSite/showDeactivationVerificationCode to true.

Note that a deactivation verification code expires in 1 day.

To create your own function to calculate the deactivation code, you need to compute the MD5 hash of the following concatenated strings

Activation Key (without dashes)|ComputerID|CommunicationEncryptionKey|Current date (yyyy-MM-dd)

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