Global Search


The Global Search feature performs a deep search looking for relationships between licenses and reports results found in multiple QLM tables.

Note that depending on the specified search criteria, this search might return unexpected results. It is highly recommended to review the results and discard undesirable entries.

When you launch the Global Search feature, it is initialized with information from the currently selected record such as the Activation Key, the email address, the company name, etc..

To exclude some items from the search, uncheck the box next to the item that you want to exclude. This is useful if the default criteria are too general and the results include too many unrelated records.

Once you have configured the search criteria, click the Search button. The search returns information from multiple sources in QLM:

  • License Keys Panel

    • License Keys table

    • License Keys History table

    • Analytics Table

  • Activation Attempts Panel

    • Activation Attempts Table

  • Audit Trail Panel

    • Audit Trail Table

  • Illegal Computes Panel

    • Illegal Computers Table

Customizing the user interface

Each panel in the Global Search window is dockable and can be repositioned to meet your preferred layout. Once you have configured the layout, click the "Save layout" link on the top right corner.

To discard the saved layout, click "Reset layout" then close and reopen the Global Search window.

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