What is the QLM Yearly Maintenance Plan

NOTE: This article does not apply to monthly subscription licenses.

When you purchase QLM Express, Pro, or Enterprise, you have the option to purchase a yearly maintenance plan. What is the yearly maintenance plan?

Your QLM Express, Pro, or Enterprise license is a perpetual license that is bound to a single system / single user.

When you purchase a QLM license, you purchase a license to perpetually use the current version of the software. For example, if you purchased QLM in May 2022, you would be purchasing a perpetual license of QLM v16.

When you purchase the Yearly Maintenance Plan, you are entitled to receive free upgrades to future versions of QLM, while your maintenance plan is active. For example, when QLM v17 is released, and if your maintenance plan is active at the time, you would be able to upgrade to QLM v17 at no cost. Without the maintenance plan, you would need to purchase an upgrade to the new version or purchase a new license if you're more than one version behind.

Additionally, with the Yearly Maintenance Plan, you are entitled to receive support while the maintenance plan is active by email, phone, or via screen sharing sessions.

Without a maintenance plan, you are entitled to 3 months of email technical support starting from the date of purchase. If you need support beyond the 3 months period, you must purchase a Support Incident.

Note that the maintenance plan does not include installation and support of a self-hosted license server. If you are hosting your own License Server, as per our EULA, we offer help with a one-time installation of a single License Server regardless of the number of licenses that you purchased, for up to 30 days from the purchase date. To receive technical support for additional installations of the License Server, for upgrades of the License Server, or for installation of the License Server after the 30-day period, you may purchase individual support incidents.

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