How to use the HTTP API to create a license for a customer

If you're integrating QLM with a 3rd party process such as a CRM system, you could use the QLM HTTP API to create a license for a customer.

The workflow for creating a license for a customer is:

Note that the QLM HTTP API requires authentication. When you call an API, you must set the 3rd party provider by setting the is_vendor argument and configure the user/password as described in this article: How to define the user / password associated to an eCommerce provider

Example for creating a customer:

Curl -d "" -d "name=Vanessa Shannon" -d "Phone=514-123-1234" -d "Country=Canada" -d "zip=H3P 3N4" -d "Company=Soraco" -d "addr1=Address1" -d "addr2=Address2" -d "City=MyCity" -d "state=MyState" -d "CustomerNotes=MyNotes" ""

Example for creating a license key for that customer:

Curl -d "is_features=0:1" -d "is_productid=2" -d "is_majorversion=1" -d "is_minorversion=0" -d "" -d "order_id=123456" -d quantity="3" ""

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