How to use the QLM License Wizard with QLM Express

You can use the QLM License Wizard in QLM Express to allow the end-user to activate a license or deactivate a license.

The QLM License Wizard can be used as a .NET WinForms control or as a standalone Windows Executable. For more information about using the QLM License Wizard standalone executable, read this article.

The recommended settings to use the QLM License Wizard with QLM Express are found below. To configure these settings:

  • Launch the QLM Management Console

  • Go to the the "Protect your application" wizard then click Next

  • Select the Product and the License Server

    • Select your product

    • Select the DEMO License Server

  • Select the type of application to protect

      • Select the programming language of your application

  • Customize the Look & Feel and behavior of the QLM License Wizard by setting the properties as shown in the table below.

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