Deactivate License Page


QlmReleaseLicense.aspx is a web page that your users can fill out to deactivate a license from a given computer. You can launch this page with or without any arguments. If you provide arguments, the corresponding fields in the form will auto-populate with the provided values.

If you enable the Server Property showDeactivationVerificationCode, a customer will need to enter a Deactivation Verification Code (DVC) to deactivate a license. If you are using the QLM License Wizard, the wizard will display the DVC when an offline user tries to deactivate a license. You can also use CreateDeactivationCode API to create a DVC.





Activation Key of the end-user


Computer ID of the end-user. This argument is optional if the license is a single activation license key.


Deactivation verification code generated by the client.

Example: QlmReleaseLicense.aspx ?is_avkey=AXK80-60R00-GHJ3S-I862Y-1I1UR-AQDV2&is_pcid=123

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