QLM Document Protection Licensing Terms

Quick License Manager Document Protection is sold on a per-administrator seat basis. You need to purchase 1 copy of QLM Document Protection for each administrator system on which you install it.

For each purchased license, you can install a single copy of the Quick License Manager License Server on a single server, be it at your site or hosted at an ISP.

You can distribute the Quick License Manager generated executables royalty-free as long as your product does not compete directly or indirectly with Quick License Manager. You can use your QLM licenses to protect any number of applications/documents. There are no fees per license activation or per sale.


Your company develops 3 products. You have 10 people working on the 3 products. 3 out of the 10 people need to work with QLM Document Protection and install it on their system. You should purchase 3 licenses of QLM Document Protection. Each license you purchase entitles you to install the Quick License Manager License Server on 1 server for the purpose of generating keys.

Your support representative uses the QLM Document Protection Management Console to manage license keys and customers. You should purchase an additional license for the support representative.

QLM Document Protection allows you to wrap an executable without code changes as well as protect PDF documents. It does not give you access to any QLM API that communicates with the License Server such as the License Server Application API or the License Server Management API. In order to use the QLM API as well as protect an EXE without code changes, you would need a QLM Enterprise license.

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