How to use QLM Management Console Grid View

The grid control in the Manage Keys tab can display some or all of the columns associated to a license. To customize the visible columns, right mouse click on any field in the header and select Column Chooser, then drag a field from the Column Chooser onto the header section.

Once you have customized the grid to your liking, you can save your customizations in a view. To save your customizations, click the "Save the View with a new name" button in the status bar and enter a new name. The new view is now available in the View dropdown.

The searches in the right hand panel allow you to execute specific queries and zoom in on the data that interests you. In addition to the built-in searches, you can create your own searches by clicking on the "search" dropdown button and selecting "Edit Searches". The Edit Searches editor allows you to add your own searches. The syntax of the query is SQL with additional macros listed in the editor.

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