How to upgrade the QLM Portal to a new version

To upgrade the QLM Portal Server to a new version:

  • Make a backup of the existing QLM Portal files on your server.

  • Delete all files in the existing QLM Portal folder on your server. Make sure you have completed the previous step first.

  • Copy the new QLM Portal files from C:\Users\Public\Quick License Manager\DeployToServer\QlmPortal to your QLM Portal folder on your server

  • Edit the web.config on your server and copy the following settings from your previous web.config (in your backup folder)

    • connectionStrings section

    • <add key="communicationEncryptionKey" value="your previous value"/> <add key="adminEncryptionKey" value="your previous value"/> <add key="qlmVersion" value="5.0.00"/> <add key="sqlSyntax" value="your previous value"/> <add key="webServiceUrl" value="your previous value/>

This completes the step to upgrade the QLM Portal.

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