How to extend a subscription in offline mode

This article covers extending a subscription when the user does not have internet access (offline mode).

For more details about how to implement subscription licensing with QLM, check this article.

To extend a subscription offline:

  • In the QLM Management Console, go to the Manage Keys tab

  • Locate the license you would like to extend and select it

  • Click the Renew Subscription button

  • Enter a new date for the subscription and click Ok

  • In the data grid, locate the ComputerKey column and copy its contents

  • Email the customer their new ComputerKey

At the customer end, the following procedure must be followed:

  • In the QLM License Wizard or the QLM .NET Control, the user must:

    • Enter the Activation Key in the Activation Key field

    • Click the Manual Activation radio button

    • Enter the Computer Key in the Computer key field

    • Click Activate

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