Online activation

If your customers are connected to the internet, they can activate their license online. The online activation process workflow is as follows:

  • In your application. a customer enters an Activation Key and requests activation.

  • Based on the selected QlmLicenseBinding, a unique computer identifier is extracted from the customer's system (ComputerID).

  • The Activation Key and the Computer ID are sent to the License Server.

  • The License Server validates the Activation Key. For example, the server checks if the license has expired, has been revoked, or has already been activated on another system.

  • If the Activation Key is valid, the License Server generates a new license key, referred to as Computer (Bound) Key, and returns this new ComputerKey to the client. The ComputerKey is bound to the customer's system.

  • The ComputerKey is then stored on the end-user system.

  • The next time the end-user launches your application, the ComputerKey is automatically read and validated. If the ComputerKey is valid, your application starts up.

There are 2 ways to perform online activation:

  • From the QLM License Wizard

  • From the QLM API

Activation from QLM License Wizard

To perform an activation from the QLM License Wizard follow the steps below:

  • Launch the QLM License Wizard with the proper arguments.

  • Click Activate your license.

  • Click Activate Online.

  • On the Activate Online page, enter the Activation Key then click Activate.

Activation from the QLM API

To perform an activation from the QLM API, use any of the APIs listed below:

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