Which DLLs do you need to distribute with your C++ application

QLM 9.2 and later:

  • QlmLicenseLib.dll

  • QlmLicenseLib.dll.manifest

  • QlmLicenseWizard.exe (if you are using it)

QLM 9.1 and earlier

If your application is developed in C++, VB6, Office, Delphi, etc., you must include the following DLLs with your application:

  • QlmLicenseLib.dll

  • x86\IsLicense50.dll

  • x64\IsLicense50.dll

  • QlmLicenseWizard.exe (if you are using it)

The 3 DLLs above should ideally be installed in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Soraco but you may install them in your own folder if you choose to do so.

In addition, you must register the QlmLicenseLib.dll as follows:

regasm.exe /tlb "<fullpath>\QlmLicenseLib.dll"

regasm.exe /codebase "<fullpath>\QlmLicenseLib.dll"

A batch file called register.bat can be found in the QLM samples folder (and is attached to this article). Note that Administrative privileges may be required to properly register the DLLs.

.NET Version

QLM supports .NET 2.0 and .NET 4.0. There are 2 versions of the QlmLicenseLib.dll, one for .NET 2.0 and one for .NET 4.0.

We recommend you use the .NET 4.0 version as it has become the standard with Windows 10.

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