When is the LastAccessedDate field updated

Each QLM License record contains a field called LastAccessedDate (LAD).

Despite its name, this field is not updated whenever a record is accessed. A more appropriate name for this field would have been LastModifiedDate. The LAD is updated in the following cases:

  • When the license is initially created.

  • When the license is activated.

  • When the license is released (deactivated).

  • When the license is updated/upgraded.

  • When the license expiry date is extended.

  • When the license is revoked.

As of QLM v15, any change to license information by editing a license in the QLM Management Console, in the QLM Portal or by calling the UpdateLicenseInfo API will update the LastAccessedDate. Additionally, extending the expiry date of a license automatically updates the Computer Key of the activated licenses and hence updates the LAD.

If you are interested in tracking when a customer last accessed your application, you should check out QLM Enterprise Analytics feature set.

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