Shareit - How to integrate QLM with Shareit

If you are using ShareIt as an e-commerce provider, QLM can be used to issue license keys and save the order and customer information when a customer purchases your product using ShareIt's ordering system. To have ShareIt invoke QLM at the time of purchase, do the following:

  • Setup the QLM License Server on your server

  • Optionally, configure authentication to connect to ShareIt. To configure authentication, click on Manage Keys / Tools / eCommerce Providers and specify the credentials for ShareIt.

  • Create or edit your product in ShareIt's Control Panel

  • Ask ShareIt personnel to set your product's Key Generator URL to the following URL:



  • is_vendor = ShareIt

  • is_productid = your product id as defined in QLM

  • is_majorversion = your product's major version as defined in QLM

  • is minorversion = your product's minor version as defined in QLM

  • is_qlmversion = 5.0.00

  • is_features = semi comma separated list of feature sets and their corresponding values. Example: is_features=0:3;1:1. This means that in feature set 0, features 1 + 2 are enabled and in feature set 1, feature 1 is enabled.

  • is_user = username defined in the QlmProviders.xml (optional)

  • is_pwd = password defined in the QlmProviders.xml (optional)

With the steps above completed, place a test order. When the order is placed, the following will occur:

  • A new user will be automatically added to the QLM database based on the information collected during the ordering process.

  • An activation key will be created in the QLM database and associated to the user.

  • An email will be sent to the customer with the activation key.

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