How to issue activation keys with multiple activations from an eCommerce provider

When a customer purchases a license of your application via your eCommerce provider you typically use GetActivationKey or GetActivationKeyWithExpiryDate to issue a license.

By default, the number of activations allowed is equal to the quantity ordered. So if a customer purchases 3 licenses of your application, they will receive a single Activation Key that can be activated on 3 computers.

In some cases, you may want to allow the user to activate each purchased copy on more than a single computer. You can do so by adding the following arguments to the GetActivationKey URL:


So the full URL would look like:

In the example above, if a customer purchases 3 licenses, they will receive 3 activation keys and each activation key can be activated on 2 systems.

To send the customer a single activation key that can be activated on 6 systems, use:


Note that this functionality is available as of QLM 7.2.14324.5.

To add a fixed number of activations to an order, use the is_additionalactivations argument.



Note that if you are using WooCommerce, is_additionalactivations, and is_numberofactivationsperkey must be configured as Custom Fields in your product definition.

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