Manage License Keys

The Manage Keys area in the QLM Console provides a task-oriented interface to the QLM database located on your web server. Communication between the Manage Keys section and the database occurs via the QLM License Server which must be configured from the Sites button.

The main window permits interactive configuration of the selection, ordering, and grouping of result columns. A query builder across the top of the display lets you access data according to whatever combinations of criteria you specify.

On the right, a column of preset queries provides answers to often-asked questions such as, "How many licenses have we sold today?", "How many activation licenses were obtained yesterday for our products?", and "Which customers on maintenance licenses are up for renewal soon?".

Items are shown in a grid or card view. To switch between the grid view and the card view, click on the View Type dropdown box in the status bar and select the view of your choice. Views can be customized and saved. To save a view, click on the Save icon in the status bar. To customize the fields displayed in the card view, click on the wrench button on the card view toolbar.

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