How to send a notification when a customer is created

Applies to: QLM v16

Edition: Pro or Enterprise

To send a notification when a new customer is created, follow the steps below:

  • Launch the QLM Management Console

  • Go to the Manage Keys tab

  • Click the "Search" dropdown and select "Edit Searches"

  • Create a new search as follows:

    • Name: New Customer

    • Table: Customers

    • SQL: CreationDate > [date]

    • Click OK

Create a Scheduled Task

  • Click "Scheduled Tasks" on the ribbon bar

  • Click Add and set the following:

    • Name: New Customer

    • License Server: <your server>

    • Search: New Customer (the search created in the previous step)

    • Run Every: 1 hour (do not set a high frequency as this will add unnecessary load on the server)

    • Configure the other options as needed.

Scheduled tasks are processed by the QLM Agent. Make sure that the QLM Agent Service is properly configured and running.

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