How to redirect the QLM License Server using URL Rewrite

URL Rewrite can be used to redirect a QLM License Server from one server to another.

You should start by installing URL Rewrite on the server where the source QLM License Server is located.

Redirect the QLM License Server

  • In IIS, locate the QLM License Server vitrual directory

  • Select the virtual directory and click the URL Rewrite tool

  • Click Add Rules

  • Add a Blank Rule

  • Give the rule a name such as: QLM License Server Redirect

  • Set Requested URL to: Matches the Pattern

  • Set Using to: Regular Expressions

  • Set Pattern to: (.*)

  • Check "Ignore case"

  • Add a new condition as follows:

    • Expand the Conditions section

    • Click Add

    • Set the Condition input to {PATH_INFO}

    • Set the Check if input string: Matches the Pattern

    • Set the Pattern to: ^/xyz . Replace xyz as needed.

      • For example, if you are using the default QLM configuration where the files are installed in the qlm folder such as:

        • qlm/QlmLicenseServer

        • qlm/QlmCustomerSite

        • qlm/QlmPortal

      • You would set the Pattern to: ^/qlm

    • Check "Ignore case"

    • Click Ok

  • Set the Action type to: Redirect

  • In the Action Properties section:

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