FastSpring - How to configure a maintenance plan option in FastSpring

If you want to offer your customers a Maintenance Plan option, you can configure FastSpring to offer this option and automatically renew the maintenance plan period in QLM when the plan is renewed in FastSpring.

Step 1 - Create a Subscription Product for the Maintenance Plan

  • In FastSpring, create a Subscription Product

  • Add a fulfillment action to this product as follows:

    • URL:

    • Method: HTTP POST

    • POST Encoding: UTF-8

    • Output Format: Single-Line License (Quantity Based)

  • In the Advanced tab, set the Fulfillment Applicability to "Applies to Rebills Only"

Step 2 - Add the maintenance plan as an option to your base product

  • Select your base product and click Edit in the Product Choices section

  • Click Add Choice and add the Subscription Product created above

  • Configure the options as per your requirements

Step 3 - Add a Notification

  • In the FastSpring top toolbar, click the Notifications icon

  • In the Custom Notifications section, click Add

  • Set the Event Type to: Order Completed (one per product)

  • Set the Destination to: HTTP URL

  • Set the Live Server URL to:

  • Set the Method to: POST

  • In the Conditions tab, set the following:

    • Rule Applicability: Applies to Non-rebills / First Orders only

    • Products: Select your subscription product created above

  • In the HTTP Parameters tab, add the following parameters:

    • Name: quantity

    • Value: #{orderItem.quantity}

  • In the HTTP Parameters tab, add the following parameters:

    • Name: subscriptionReference

    • Value: #{orderItem.subscription.reference}

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