How to receive an email report of failed trial requests using Scheduled Tasks

Edition: Enterprise

Version : 16.0.22281.2

You can use QLM's scheduled tasks and email integration to automatically email yourself a report of all failed customer trial requests. Failed trial requests are attempts to register for a trial using the QLM Self Help Trial Registration form or API.

To do so, follow the steps below.

  • Go to the Manage Keys tab

  • Click on the Search drop-down and select Edit Searches

  • Click on Add to add a new search

  • Set the Name to "RefusedTrialRequests" (or any name you wish)

  • Set the Table to "Audit Trail"

  • Set the SQL field to: EventDate > [today_start-1] And EventCategory='CustomerSite.TrialRequest.Refused'

  • Click OK

Create the scheduled task

  • On the ribbon bar, click on the Tools / Scheduled Tasks

  • Click on Add to add a new task

  • Set the Name to: RefusedTrialRequests

  • Select your License Server

  • In the Search drop-down, select the Search created earlier: RefusedTrialRequests

  • Set the Schedule Run every to: 1 Day

  • Set "Starting on" and "Starting at" fields as needed

  • In the Email tab, set at least the following fields:

    • Send Mail To: <None>

    • Set the CC field to your email address

    • Subject: <enter a subject for the email>

    • Email Profile: <select an email profile>

    • Email Account: <select an email account>

    • Email Template: Vendor.RefustedTrialRequests

    • Aggregate Emails: Do Not Aggregate

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