QLM still shows Demo even after activating your purchased license

If you purchased QLM Pro or Enterprise and activated your license, QLM will still show Demo in the title until.

The QLM Management application automatically connects to a QLM web service at start-up. By default, it connects to the Demo web service that we provide for evaluation purposes.

If you have installed your own QLM web service or are using our hosting service, you need to configure QLM to connect to your service.

To do so:

  • Go to the Manage Keys tab.

  • Click Sites.

  • Create a new profile to connect to your service.

  • If you have modified our Demo profile to connect to your service, then simply click on the Rename button to rename the Demo profile to a name of your choice.

For QLM Express users or users who did not setup a License Server, you can configure QLM to not connect to the License Server at start-up. To do so:

  • Click the QLM settings icon in the top left corner

  • Select Options

  • Uncheck "Connect to QLM License Server at startup"

  • Close and restart the QLM Management Console

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