MS-Access - Operation must use an updateable query.

You have configured QLM to use an MS-Access database and you receive the following error message:

Operation must use an updateable query The error indicated the QLM is not able to write to your MDB file. This can be caused by one of 2 reasons: 1. The .mdb file is read-only 2. The user running the web service does not have "write" privileges on the mdb file or its folder. The 2nd reason is the most likely one. If you have configured the web service to allow Anonymous connections then you have 2 options to resolve this issue: 1. Give the Anonymous user (IUSR_XXX) write privileges to the folder where the .mdb file is located 2. Configure the web service to use an Application Pool. In the Application Pool , configure the Identity with a user account that has "write" privileges on the folder where the mdb file is located.

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