How to upgrade QLM to a new version


When upgrading to a new QLM version, you must upgrade the client (QLM Management Console) and the server (QLM License Server). If your server is hosted by Soraco, please contact us before upgrading the client.

Upgrades are backward compatible unless otherwise specified in the Release Notes associated with the version that you are upgrading to.

Client Upgrade

To upgrade the client:

  • Launch the QLM Management Console

  • Go to the About tab

  • Click the "License Wizard" button

  • If a new version is available, a link called "Update to the latest version" is shown. Click that link.

  • Review the Release Notes

  • Click Download

  • When the download completes, click Install and follow the instructions to complete the installation of the client.

Server Upgrade

Once the client is upgraded, follow the instructions in this article to upgrade the server.

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