How do I make my license keys computer bound?

QLM supports 2 types of computer bound keys: Bound to the Computer Name or User defined. ā€¢ Bound to Computer Name: Computer Name bound keys are keys that are bound to a specific computer by encrypting the name of the computer in the license key. ā€¢ User Defined: User defined keys are computer bound keys. The computer identifier that is used to uniquely identify a computer is user defined. For example, if you want to create a computer bound key that is bound to the volume serial number, you would need to do the following:

  • Use the QlmHardware class to extract the Volume Serial Number from the end user system or create your own function to get the volume serial number or any other identifier of your choice.

  • To activate key programmatically during Online Activation, you would extract the volume serial number in your code and provide it as argument to any QLM API that requires a ComputerID. The QLM License Server then generates and returns a computer key bound to the volume serial number.

  • To validate a key in your code, you extract the volume serial number and provide that value to the ValidateLicenseEx API or to any API that requires the ComputerID.

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