QLM Floating License Viewer

The QLM Floating License Viewer is a standalone tool that you can distribute with your QLM Enterprise protected application. The License Viewer allows your customer to view the currently activated floating nodes and deactivate them if required.

The files that you need to distribute with your application are located in:

C:\Program Files\Soraco\QuickLicenseMgr\Redistrib\FloatingLicenses\dotnet2


C:\Program Files\Soraco\QuickLicenseMgr\Redistrib\FloatingLicenses\dotnet4

The QlmFloatingLicenseViewer.exe supports the following command line arguments:




Path to the xml settings files associated with your product. The settings file is generated by the Protect Your Application wizard.

Example: /settings "c:\My Documents\My Product 1.0.xml"


Specifies the database type. The possible values are: DbXml, DbMsAccess, DbSql.

Example: /dbtype DbXml


Path to the database file.

Example: /dbpath "\\server\share\qlmFloating.mdb"


The database provider to use if the DB type is MS-Access or SQL.


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