How to schedule a backup of your database

QLM can schedule and perform backups of your database to your local computer. No special software is required on the server side to perform the backup or the restore. The backup process stores each table in an XML file on your local system. The location of the backup folder can be configured from the QLM Management Console / Manage Keys / Options / Paths / Backup Path.

Below are the steps required to create a backup job:

  • Launch the QLM Management Console

  • Go to the Backup tab.

  • Click on the Create Backup button.

    • Select the Enable checkbox.

  • Type the name of the backup job.

  • If you have multiple License Servers, select the License Server profile to use. Otherwise, select the Default profile.

  • Specify how often the backup job will run.

  • If you have configured a Disaster Recovery site, specify whether you would like the backup to be automatically restored to the DR site by checking the Auto Restore checkbox.

  • If you have configured a Disaster Recovery site (DR), and the DR site is active, the backup will by default backup the active site, be it the primary site or the DR site. If you would like to always backup the primary site, whether it is active or passive, check the Always Backup Primary Site option. Note that if the primary site is not active, the Auto Restore feature is automatically disabled.

To restore a backup job, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Click on the Restore tab.

  • Expand the backup job and select the snapshot to restore.

  • Select the tables to restore. Note that data in the target tables will be deleted.

  • Click on the Restore button or Restore to DR site button.

QLM provides basic feedback as to whether the primary site and the DR sites are synchronized by comparing the number of records in the LicenseKeys table on both sites. The first time you click on the Backup tab, comparison between both sites is automatically triggered. You can request to compare two sites at any time by clicking on the Compare Now or Compare All buttons.

Note: The backup of the tables that are used to store user account information for the QLM Portal authentication cannot currently be restored. In case of a disaster, you may need to recreate the accounts.

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