How to create email templates with your own editor and upload them to the server

If you want to create your email templates with your own editor or if you already have email templates that you want to integrate in QLM, follow the procedure below to integrate your email templates into QLM.

Identify where your email templates folder is located

  • Launch the QLM Management Console

  • Go to the Manage Keys tab

  • Click Sites

  • Go to the Files and Folders tab

  • The Email Templates Folder field contains the location of your email templates folder

Copy your email template to the email templates folder

  • Create your own email template

  • Copy it to the folder identified above

You can now open the Templates editor in QLM (Manage Keys / Templates). Your email template should be listed. To force the email template to be uploaded to the server, make a small change in the email template and save it.

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