QLM Portal Two-Factor Authentication

Applies To: QLM Portal

Version: 16.1.22303.2

The QLM Portal can be configured to require two-factor authentication. To enable two-factor authentication you must do the following:

  • Set the Server Property: portal / enableMFA to true

  • Configure an SMTP Server in order to send a verification code by email

  • Configure an SMS provider and associate a mobile phone number to the user account in order to send a code by email

When you enable MFA, a user who successfully authenticates with a user/password combination is then prompted to enter a verification code. The verification code is sent to the user's email or mobile phone number if a mobile number is provided and an SMS provider is configured. Once the user enters the verification code, and the verification succeeds, the user is logged in to the QLM Portal.

How to configure an SMS Provider

To send the authorization code by SMS, you must use a 3rd party SMS provider. QLM is integrated with Twilio for sending SMS messages.

To configure your Twilio SMS settings:

  • Go to the Manage Keys / Sites / Server Properties

  • Locate the activation category

  • Set the 3 properties: smsAccountNumber, smsAuthenticationToken, and smsPhoneNumber.

Mobile Phone number

To associate a mobile phone number with a user account, edit the user account from Manage Keys / User Accounts and set the mobile number. Note that if you are upgrading from a previous version of QLM, you must update the QlmLicenseServer and QlmPortal web.config files by adding the Mobile setting as shown in the screenshot below.

MFA Email Template

To configure the email template to be used when sending the authentication code to the user, set the server property portal/mfaEmailTemplate to the required email template. A ready-to-use template called "Portal.MFA" is provided but must be imported into the system as follows:

  • Go to the Manage Keys tab

  • Click Templates in the Mail section

  • Click Import and go to the folder: C:\Program Files\Soraco\QuickLicenseMgr\EmailTemplates then select "Portal.MFA"

  • Customize the template as needed (note that variables are not supported).

  • Close the Templates Editor

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