How to create a Gmail OAuth Client ID

Applies to: QLM Pro v17

Go to the Google Cloud Platform Console and sign in as an administrator.

  • From the main dashboard, click Create Project.

  • Enter a project name and select your organization

  • Select your new project and go to the API & Services section

  • Click + Enable APIS and Services

  • Enter Gmail in the search field, select the Gmail API option then click Enable.

  • To create an OAuth Client ID, select Credentials

  • Click Create Credentials and select OAuth Client ID

  • Set the Application type to Desktop and Click Create

  • Make a copy of the Client ID and the Client Secret and store them in a secure location. You will need them to configure QLM.

  • Configure the OAuth Consent Screen. This step is required to verify your app registration with Google. Once the app is verified, you should be able to send emails from QLM.

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