How to create a Gmail Service account

Applies to: QLM Pro v17

A Gmail Service account is required when sending emails from the QLM License Server, the QLM Portal, or the QLM Self Help.

To create a Gmail service account you must have a Google Workspace (G Suite) account.

Go to the Google Cloud Platform Console and sign in as an administrator.

  • From the main dashboard, click Create Project.

  • Enter a project name and select your organization

  • Select your new project and click + Enable APIS and Services

  • Enter Gmail in the search field, select the Gmail API option then click Enable.

  • To create the service account, select Service Accounts as shown below:

  • Click Create Service Account

  • Enter a name for your account then click Create and Continue

  • Leave all the default options for the Service Account Details and click Done.

  • Copy the Client ID

  • Select Manage Keys as shown below:

  • Click Add Key / Create new key

  • Select JSON for the key format and click Create

  • Store the generated JSON file securely. You will need it later on when configuring QLM.

  • Next, you must enable service accounts with Gmail.

  • Login to the GSuite Admin Console.

  • Scroll down to locate the Security item and select it

  • Scroll down to locate the API Controls item and select it

  • Click Manage Domain Wide Delegation

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