QLM SDK Protection Licensing Terms

If your product is an SDK rather than an application, the QLM SDK Protection add-on entitles you to protect your SDK with QLM.

It is important to distinguish between QLM SDK Protection and the QLM API. The QLM API is included at no additional cost with your QLM Express, Pro, or Enterprise license. The QLM API is an extensive API that allows you to perform operations such as validating a license, activating a license, querying license information, etc. You can find the QLM API reference guide here.

The QLM SDK Protection is an add-on to QLM Pro or QLM Enterprise. You must first purchase the required number of licenses of QLM Pro or QLM Enterprise.

When you purchase QLM SDK Protection, you receive a special SDK license key that you must include in your code to enable the QLM API.

The QLM SDK Protection license is a site license that can be used on an unlimited number of products within your organization.

What do we consider an SDK?

If your product is not a standalone application and is executed by your end-user in the context of a debugger, it is considered an SDK.


The QLM SDK Protection is a subscription license. You can find the pricing here.

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