FastSpring - How to create a license key with features from FastSpring

The procedure below describes how to order a product via FastSpring while allowing the customer to select which feature to purchase. The license key generated by QLM will have these features selected.

  • Create a product in FastSpring.

    • Once the product is created, click Configure Options.

    • Set the Display field to: Features or any name of your choice.

    • Set the Selection Type to: Multiple Selections.

    • Click Next.

    • Click Add Choice.

    • Select an existing product or create a new product.

    • Once the choice is created, edit the choice by clicking on the Edit button. Then set the "tags" property to the name of the feature (no spaces).

    • Repeat these steps for each feature.

  • Back to the main product, add a fulfillment action:

    • Select the "Generate a License" option.

    • Select Script (PHP or JavaScript).

    • Set the Output Format to: Single-Line License (Quantity Based).

    • Set the License Name to: Person Name.

    • Click Create.

    • Copy paste the attached script.

    • Click Save.

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