QLM Demo License Server

For evaluation purposes, we host on our server a Demo License Server accessible to all our new potential customers. This License Server is configured to work with the built-in Demo product.

All samples are preconfigured to connect and work with the Demo License Server.

The only impact when using the Demo License Server is that you need to pretend your product is called β€œDemo 1.0” (or one of the built-in products). Once you purchase QLM and you set up your own License Server, the changes required to switch to the new License server are limited to configuration changes.

If you create a new product in the evaluation version of Quick License Manager, you will not be able to use our Demo License Server because the License Server will not contain a definition of your new product.

If you need to test with your product, you must install the QLM License Server on your system.

The setup program to install the QLM License Server can be found here: %Public%\Public Documents\Quick License Manager\DeployToServer\QlmLicenseServerSetup.exe

Read instructions for installing the License Server.

Connection information to the Demo License Server:

License Server URL: https://qlm3.net/qlmdemo/qlmLicenseServer/qlmservice.asmx

Database Engine: SQL Server

Communication Encryption Key: {B6163D99-F46A-4580-BB42-BF276A507A14}

Administration Encryption Key: {B6163D99-F46A-4580-BB42-BF276A507A14}

Configuring the QLM Management Console

To configure the QLM Management Console to connect to the Demo License server:

  • Launch the QLM Management Console

  • Go to the Manage Keys tab

  • Click Sites and select the Demo site

  • Go to the Encryption Keys tab.

  • Set the Communication Encryption Key to: {B6163D99-F46A-4580-BB42-BF276A507A14}

  • Set Administration Encryption Key to: {B6163D99-F46A-4580-BB42-BF276A507A14}

  • Click Ok

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