QLM Portal

The QLM Portal is an add-on to QLM. It provides a web-based user interface for managing license keys. The QLM Portal exposes the most common operations an administrator or a reseller requires to manage their customers’ license keys. It requires user authentication and uses role-based access control. The QLM Portal is a perfect tool for your resellers or affiliates to manage their customers while keeping you, the vendor, in total control. You can specify how many license keys a reseller can generate, which products they have access to, and what operations they can perform.

Through a role-based access model, you control the privileges of a user or group of users. Some of the license key limits that can be set are:

  • Maximum number of trial keys per system.

  • Maximum number of permanent keys per system.

  • Maximum total keys. Maximum activations per key

In addition, you can control which of the following operations a user is allowed to perform:

  • Creating new keys.

  • Activating keys.

  • Releasing keys.

  • Deleting keys.

  • Creating customers.

  • Deleting customers.

  • Exporting keys.

  • Setting the Expiry Duration of a new key.

  • Setting the Expiry Date of a new key.

  • Setting the Maintenance Plan option.

  • Setting the Generic license option.

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