How to automatically send an email when a new license is created

You can use QLM's scheduled tasks to automatically email yourself and/or your customer when a new license is created:

A. Configure a search

  • Click on the Manage Keys tab

  • Click on the Search drop down and select Edit Searches

  • Click on Add to add a new search

  • Set the Name to: new license

  • Set the SQL field to: OrderDate > [date]

  • Click OK

B. Configure a Scheduled Task

  • On the ribbon bar, click on the Tools / Scheduled Tasks

  • Click on Add to add a new task

  • Set the Name to: New License

  • Select your License Server

  • In the Search drop down, select the Search we created earlier: new license

  • Set the Schedule Run every to: 15 minutes

  • In the Email tab, check Enable Email Notifications

  • Check "Send to customer" if you would like to send the email to the customer

  • If you want to send yourself the email, add your email in the Cc field

  • Enter a Subject for the email

  • Select the Outlook Profile and the Email account to use

  • Select Email template (you can create an email template from the ribbon bar Mail / Templates). For example, select "1. New Order".

  • If you would also like to get a popup alert for new licenses, click on the Alert tab, enable it and enter text for the Alert.

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