Activate your license

When you purchase QLM, you receive an email with an Activation Key that you need to use to activate QLM.

To activate your purchased copy of QLM:

  • Click the License Wizard button

  • Click Activate your license

  • Click Activate Online

  • Enter your Activation key

  • Click Activate

The activation process connects over the internet to the Soraco QLM License Server and activates your license. If you connect to the internet via a proxy server, click on the Proxy Settings button to configure your proxy server.

Deactivate your license

If you wish to transfer your license to another computer, you can deactivate your license and then activate it on a different system. Note that you are allowed 4 transfers per year.

To deactivate your license:

  • Click the License Wizard button

  • Click Deactivate your license

  • Click Deactivate

Check for Updates

To check if you are running the latest version or to upgrade to the latest version:

  • Click the License Wizard button

  • The welcome page displays the version you are running and the latest version. If a more recent version is available, click the "Update to the latest version" link

  • Review the Release notes

  • Click Download

  • When the Download completes, click Install

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