Why are enabled features not shown when I hover over an Activation Key?

When you hover over an Activation Key in the QLM Management Console or the QLM Portal, QLM displays a tooltip that contains detailed information about the license, including the list of features that are enabled in the license, as per the screenshot below. The features displayed in the tooltip are the features that are embedded in the Activation Key itself.

When an Activation Key is initially created without any feature enabled, no features are embedded in the Activation Key and hence the tooltip displayed when you hover over the Activation Key does not show any features.

If you edit the license and enable some features after the Activation Key is created, the Activation Key is not modified, and hence, no features will be shown when you hover over the Activation Key. The "Enabled Features" column will however display the expected list of enabled features.

Additionally, when a license is activated, a Computer Key is generated, based on the most recent settings of the enabled features. If you hover over the Computer Key, the expected list of features is displayed.

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