What is the QLM Portal?

What is the QLM Portal?

Managing your license keys and customers is typically performed by using the QLM Management Console which is a Windows-based desktop application. The QLM Management Console communicates with the QLM License server to retrieve and update license keys.

The QLM Portal is an add-on to QLM that needs to be purchased separately. It provides a web-based interface for managing license keys. For more details about the licensing terms of the QLM Portal, click here.

The QLM Portal provides access to the most common operations an administrator or a reseller is likely to need when managing customers' license keys. It does not include all the features available in the QLM Management Console (the desktop application that is included with a QLM Pro or Enterprise license). For more details about the differences between the Portal and the QLM Management Console, click here.

The QLM Portal requires user authentication and uses role-based access control. This enables you to control which features your administrator has access to.

The QLM Portal is a perfect tool for your resellers or affiliates to manage their own customers while keeping you, the vendor, in total control. You can specify how many license keys a reseller can generate, which products they have access to and what operations they can perform.

The QLM Portal is also ideal for your sales staff or support staff who need to manage customers and license keys on a daily basis, anywhere in the world, from any computer.

The QLM Portal requires QLM Pro or Enterprise and a SQL Server Database.

QLM Portal Features

Limits that can be controlled by the QLM Portal:

  • Maximum number of trial keys per system

  • Maximum number of permanent keys per system

  • Maximum total keys

  • Maximum activations per key

Operations that can be controlled by the QLM Portal:

  • Creating new keys

  • Activating keys

  • Releasing keys

  • Deleting keys

  • Creating customers

  • Deleting customers

  • Exporting keys

  • Setting the Expiry Duration of a new key

  • Setting the Expiry Date of a new key

  • Setting the Maintenance Plan option

  • Setting the Generic license option

QLM Portal Demo

You can view a demo of the new QLM Portal on the page below:


User: qlmdemo Password: qlmweb30!


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