How to restore the default searches in the QLM Management Console

QLM ships with a set of default searches as shown in the screenshot below:

If the searches are not visible in your QLM Management Console and you need to restore the default ones, follow the steps below:

  • Launch the QLM Management Console

  • Go to the Manage Keys tab

  • Click Sites and make sure your License Server is selected

  • Go to the Files and Folders tab

  • Locate the Searches File field and note the path of the file.

  • Close the QLM Management Console

  • Go to the QLM installation folder, typically C:\Program Files\Soraco\QuickLicenseMgr

  • Locate the file queries.xml

  • Copy this file to the Searches File folder and rename it to match the Searches File filename.

  • Launch the QLM Management Console

  • Your searches should now be restored.

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