Zapier - Use Zapier to create a QLM user when a SalesForce lead is created

If you use Zapier and and would like to automatically create a QLM user when a lead is created, follow the steps below:

[Note that this integration is available as of QLM 9.2.16346.1]

  • Login to Zapier

  • Click Make a Zap

  • In the Choose a Trigger App, select: Salesforce

  • Then, select New Lead

  • Click Save & Continue

  • If prompted, connect to your Salesforce account

  • Click Fech & Continue

  • Click View your lead and confirm that all the information is visible.

  • Click Continue

  • In the Choose an Action App, select "Code by Zapier"

  • Select "Run javascript"

  • Click Save + Continue

  • In the Code section, paste the content of the attached script (addUser.js)

  • Modify the URL in the script to match your QLM License Server

  • In the Input Data section, add a row for each field in the address that you would like to map as follows:

  • You may also see the attached screenshot (SalesForceContactMapping.png).

  • Click Continue

  • Click Create and Continue

  • Connect to QLM and verify that a user was created

  • Click Finish

  • Name your zap and turn it on.

While the Zap is on, new leads in Salesforce will be automatically created in QLM.

For more details about the is_user and is_pwd argument, refer to this article.

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